House Call
House Call -- Repair and support services provided at your location
    • Some issues may require on-site service.
    • Problems that cannot be resolved by the help desk.
    • When "Remote Assistance" is not possible.
    • When remote login may compromise privacy.
    • When system security is at risk.
    • Equipment or communication lines are damaged.
    • Long time lapse in routine maintenance.
    • System configuration baseline is required.
    • Verification of ownership and identities is required.
    • LeveL10 Support Triage will first help you.

Professional services -- There are times when professional service performed at your home or business is necessary. Just like electrical and plumbing work, there are instances when a house call is the best way to handle a situation. LeveL10 will help you determine what level of service is required -- at no cost to you. Your selection of who can best handle the task is your choice. We encourage you to consult with other professionals before taking action.

Problem solving capability -- Leveraging the skill sets of a professional often saves you time, money and frustration. Additionally, there is much you can learn from someone who is an expert in their domain. And just like a visit to the doctor, your issue may be outside the technical domain of LeveL10. If so, we will say so -- because we are professionals.

Proactive Maintenance -- A service call by the LeveL10 technician will not only fix your immediate problem, it will prevent you from having problems. We will make sure your system keeps working. Many problems and risks can be eliminated by our "proactive" maintenance procedures and advise. Our ultimate goal is that you don't need us!

Remote servicing -- There are many issues that can be resolved by allowing us to remotely access your computer from the LeveL10 Support Center. An initial on-location service call is required to exchange credentials and baseline your system's configuration and performance.

Privacy, Protection, Trust -- Your privacy and protection is essential. All LeveL10 personnel will present credentials before entering any premises. Additionally, your identity and ownership of the system will be verified before starting work. Your computer contains information that is yours -- and that's how it stays.

Please contact LeveL10 if you have any questions or concerns. We will enjoy talking with you.

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