Support Triage

Support Triage -- Initial evaluation of the problem and your priorities

  1. How serious is the problem?
  2. What is the impact on your daily operations?
  3. How quickly is a remedy required?
  4. What are the symptoms?
  5. When did you first notice the problem?
  6. What events may have triggered the problem?
  7. How are your skills with computers?
  8. Can we solve the problem remotely?
  9. Looking for ways to increase efficiency?
  10. Is a LeveL10 House Call required?

Severity level -- First we want to determine the nature of your problem and its impact on your operation. We will help you determine the level of service you require and establish your priorities.

Potential loss of critical data -- Does the problem prevent you from operating your business or cause revenue loss? Could the problem result in loss of critical data. For example, a water damaged computer containing business records. Recovery steps taken in the first few minutes are critical. Proper action must be performed immediately. Call LeveL10 at once.

Lower priority -- Perhaps the problem is not so critical. Immediate action is not required. For example, your home computer applications are running slow. You may be concerned that your wireless LAN is not secure -- neighbors may access it. A scheduled house call will clean up the system, tune performance and assess vulnerabilities.

You can fix it -- Also, we want to determine your capabilities and availability to solve the problem. Often, many issues can be resolved easily. We can assist you over the phone. We can also provide information and utilities allowing you to fix the problem. We want to reduce your need for on-site service as much as possible.

Process improvement -- Leverage and benefit from today's available technologies. Find ways to improve your processes, reduce costs and make things run smoother. Turn a pitfall into a profit. Consult with a LeveL10 engineer.

We provide levels of service that fit your needs and priorities -- service that is most efficient for you.

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