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RFI Survey -- How to obtain a report for your location


Contact LeveL10.


LeveL10 can conduct a survey and provide a report on your exact location and surrounding vicinity. This report includes all information we collect on WLANs within at least 500 feet of the location specified.


The report is only provided to the owner or resident of the address requested. This report is for the purpose of identifying radio frequency transmissions that may interfere with the operation of WLANs, and other radio devices, within and near the property location, and to verify the security level of any WLANs present at that location.


The following information will help us help you -- Please prepare to provide the following information, if possible, to LeveL10.us so we can best assist you during the survey:


  • Street address of survey location.
  • US Mail delivery address, if different than survey location.
  • Phone number and contact information.
  • Indication you are the property owner and/or resident.
  • Indication you are requesting an RFI Site Survey and Report for your location.
  • List the manufacturer and model number of your 802.11 wireless router.
  • A list of computers you have, and which ones use wireless features.
  • A list of devices that may cause radio interference -- phones, appliances, monitors.
  • Equipment documentation, disks and known configuration information.
  • List any computer or network problems you may have, and when they may occur.
  • Determine a time frame you would like us to perform the survey.
  • Tell us about any concerns or questions you may have.


NOTE: Do not send or transmit the above information to LeveL10 or anyone. We will only ask what we "need to know" while face-to-face at your location prior to conducting the on-site survey. An on-site survey is only performed at your request. Never send personal data or information about your assets or capabilities via email. LeveL10 will never send email content that could comprise your privacy or security. Always verify the identity of any and all service technicians performing work for you. LeveL10 personnel will always present credentials first.


Send any inquires you have via email to survey@level10.us or call us at 703-527-7614.


Estimated cost for on-site survey and report -- $45 (USD) is typical for a house call in Arlington VA, report preparation and delivery, evaluation of your system operation and recommendations.


Contact us to schedule the survey. To assure your privacy, hardcopy of the report is hand delivered or sent via US Mail service only.


Please call or write for details. We will be glad to answer any questions.


Other Services Available -- We can also provide on-site assistance to diagnose any problems, secure your system against threats, and provide performance evaluation and system tuning.



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